Who We Are

Based in Shanghai, GM Laureate is an influential training and consulting firm that was founded by serveral business management consultants with extensive implementation based consulting and executive management experience.GM Laureate is different in our approach. Many training and consulting companies re-package or re-purpose programs and strategies that have been launched. At GM Laureate, a cookie-cutter approaches just doesn’t cut it. We are dedicated to provide fresh, unique, up-to-date trainings and solutions, not stale ideas.

Vision, Mission and Value

Your Success, Our Mission

 Our mission is to provide value-added business solutions and cutting-edge learning programs to our clients to accelerate their sucess.

Be Your Partner, Our Vision

Our vision is to become a premier knowledge partner for organizations to enhance and achieve their business performance.

Our Value

Clients are at the heart of everything we do;Creativity is the lifeblood of our organization;Quality improvement is our ongoing commitment

Trust is the foundation of GM Laureat: we are independent, impartial and honest

Our People

Good  business depends on good people! Without qualified, motivated and  inspired  employees, we wound not be able to make a success of our  business.

GM Laureaters are professional, honest and great team players. Our approach to work is based on trust, relationships, experience and achieving practical result.

We  are passionate about communication.  It is natural for us to share  information about how we are doing with our people. We've  established  a  wide approach to training and development program in our core values  and  skills. GM Laureate is always looking to equip and encourage our  people  to take on wider roles.

Our Advantage

With unique, completely original solutions that yield tangible results, the advantages of working with GM Laureate are clear: 
we are thorogh, experience professionals in sustainably improving business. We have distinct knowledge spikes in oil and energy, environment, safety and risk management, manufacturing excellence, supply chain management, sales and marketing, and other administrative areas typically more difficult to define.
We do not build lavish overhead into our prices. We have competitive fees, which help you see a greater return on investment.

Our Instructors

Our clients tell us that the quality of their training can be measured by the knowledge of their instructor. We couldn't agree more! 
As experts in their respective fields, our instructors consult, keep up to date with the industry development, and most importantly, they make the success of each student a priority.
Our instructors have real-world experience that they bring into the classroom. Most are sought-after consultant with 25 years of industry experience and a successful track record with Fortune 500 companies worldwide. They go beyond the curriculum by including relevant, revealing tidbits and tips.
Our instructors use a combination of lecture, hands-on exercises, and case studies to deliver a quality learning experience. Exercises and case studies offer practical experience in the classroom and an opportunity to test your knowledge of the course material. Designing exercises that mimic real-world experiences is an art. It is also a fundatmental quality of our course directors and instructors.