Executive Workshop
Column:Executive Workshop Time:2016-12-06

The growth of any successful organization comes from its people. Whether you are in enery, technology, healthcare or real estate, whenever you want to improve your business skills or change the way your entire organization works, we have the solution!

We are committed to providing learning and professional development opportunities for you! Our research department takes time to understand the needs of our clients and design solution-based programs that enhance performance and generate results.

With some of the best intellectual minds of the industry. We offer professional training programs includes those devoted to :

:: Business Strategy 
:: Sales and Marketing
:: Leadership and interpersonal skills
:: EHSQ and Risk Management
:: Supply Chain and Logistics
:: Engineering and Project Management
:: Industrial and Manufacturing
:: Finance and Legal
:: PR and Media Commucation
:: Product Development and Innovation
:: Information and Technology

GM Laureate Training programs are presented at fundamental,intermediate,and advanced levels to fit the appropriate need of different learners.

Our training and toolkit development programs are developed based on thorough and intensive industry research and analysis.

Our clients reply on us again and again because regardless of where the training occurs, or what the training entails, we provide expert instructors who use the latest techniques and tools to make user that you either as an individual or an organization, reach your goal!


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